The Boy with the Tiny Bellybutton
A Shortfilm for Children with Bladderexstrophy

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Thanks to Associazione Italiana Estrofia Vescicale Epispadia Onlus there now is an ITALIAN VERSION of the video!

This film is for all kids born with bladder exstrophy! It explains the congenital disorder in an understandable and respectful way and is a useful aid for parents, family, carers and teachers. The film also wants to encourage affected kids to be self-confident, brave and curious - just like kids should be!

The film is based on the German children's book DER BESTE TAUCHER DER WELT. Available here.

Speaker: Dan Wesker
Illustrations: Marie Hübner
Animation: Nikolai Mirontschuk
Sound-Design: Patrick Becker/ Bromologic
Music: Nikolai Mirontschuk
Story: Ulrike Felbick und Catrin Lüth
Translation: Bruce Hamilton
Production: Starke Seiten n.e.V.

Starke Seiten n.e.V. is a German organisation dedicated to kids with congenital disorders. You can support our work through donations:

Starke Seiten (n.e..V.), IBAN: DE33 1001 0010 0850 9601 03, BIC: PBNKDEFF

We also recommend LUCA'S SWEATER, a children's book about bladderexstrophy published by the Italian Group "Associazione Italiana Estrofia Vescicale Epispadia Onlus".

It is translated in several languages and available here.

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