The Boy with the Tiny Bellybutton
A Shortfilm for Children with Bladderexstrophy

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This film is for all kids born with bladder exstrophy! It explains the congenital disorder in an understandable and respectful way and is a useful aid for parents, family, carers and teachers. The film also wants to encourage affected kids to be self-confident, brave and curious - just like kids should be!

The film is based on the German children's book DER BESTE TAUCHER DER WELT. Available here.

Speaker: Dan Wesker
Illustrations: Marie Hübner
Animation: Nikolai Mirontschuk
Sound-Design: Patrick Becker/ Bromologic
Music: Nikolai Mirontschuk
Story: Ulrike Felbick und Catrin Lüth
Translation: Bruce Hamilton
Production: Starke Seiten n.e.V.

Starke Seiten n.e.V. is a German organisation dedicated to kids with congenital disorders. You can support our work through donations:

Starke Seiten (n.e..V.), IBAN: DE33 1001 0010 0850 9601 03, BIC: PBNKDEFF

We also recommend LUCA'S SWEATER, a children's book about bladderexstrophy published by the Italian Group "Associazione Italiana Estrofia Vescicale Epispadia Onlus".

It is translated in several languages and available here.

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